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In Kiev have been riots involving Ukrainian and French fans, vice president of the Football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko resigned, UEFA vice-president Grigory Surkis told about the future of the Crimean football and club management and fans from Sevastopol SKCF Sevastopol hold a rally against UEFA sanctions.

The attack on the Football Federation

Over the last week in Ukrainian football there have been many high-profile events. One of the most important steel disturbances involving fans Lutsk “Volyn” and Kharkov “Metalist” near the office of the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU). About two hundred people burned flares and shouted abusive rechovki and set fire to the roof of the buildi.


Dissatisfaction with the fans was the work of a judge Dmitry Kutakova the match of the 10th round of the championship of Ukraine between “Volyn” and “Metalist”. The arbitrator during the meeting, which was held in Lutsk, adopted several controversial decisions, and at the end of the meeting put the gates hosts controversial penalty that helped favorites from Kharkov to come forward – 2: 1.

A few minutes before the final whistle the fans “Volyn” lost his nerve, and they crowd spilled out into the field, demanding punishment of the judge. Kutakov hastily disappeared int air nike and decided to stop the meeting.

Do not remain aloof from the turmoil and team members from Lutsk. In particular, the head coach, “Volyn” Vitaly Kvartsyany, according to local press reports, threatened the referee, said that he did not leave the city. The refereeing was able to leave the arena until six hours after the stoppage of play, as all the while waiting outside judges angry fans.

The next day, the crowd moved to the building of FFU where it began picketing. Participants of the rally demanded the resignation of the president of the Federation Anatoly Kon’kova, as well as the disqualification of an arbitrator Dmitry Kutakova. Initiative fans supported the leadership of “Volyn.” It filed a protest to the Ukrainian Premier League and stated that, if the arbitrator has not been suspended fro nike monarch, the command will act with the competition under the auspices of the Premier League. Football Federation of Ukraine began investigating the incident.

The second case occurred disturbances involving fans of the French “Saint Etienne”, who arrived in Kiev on the game of the group stage of the Europa League with “Dnepr”. They were involved in a collision with the Ukrainian fans. Two Frenchmen were hospitalized with head injuries.

Slipping through the cracks

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“The aggression against Ukraine military aircraft in the airspace of Japan and European countries, and now the presence of their naval forces in the South Pacific demonstrate that Russia is more sure of herself now than it was long ago,” Abbott said.

“Russia would be much more attractive if she wanted to be a superpower for hoodie, freedom and prosperity, rather than trying to recreate the lost glory of the Tsarist or Soviet Union,” he added.

NATO confirmed this week allegations of Kiev that Russia moved troops and weaponry to regions of eastern Ukraine, controlled by pro-Russian rebels, which Moscow denies.

On the other hand, Moscow said on Friday that France has until the end of November to deliver the first ship Mistral to Russia war, if you do not want to suffer “serious” compensatory measures.

This theme, very sensitive, will be addressed in a bilateral meeting on Saturday in Brisbane between Putin and French President François Hollande.

Mistral war ships were ordered by Russia to France in June 2011, and a contract for 1.2 million euros was signed. The ships should be delivered now, but Hollande said on September 4 that delivery would depend on a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine.

Moreover, Putin announced before traveling to Australia will have a bilateral meeting in Brisbane with German sweatshirt Angela Merkel.

In an interview with news agency Tass announced on Friday, Putin also voiced his opposition to the formation of “new blocks” within the G20, which opposes Western countries to emerging countries. “That’s not constructive and it would be harmful to the world economy” he said.

In any case, the Ukrainian crisis and the controversy surrounding the Mistral warships can weigh in discussions of the G20, a forum usually centered on economic issues, and whose members accumulate 85% of global wealth.

Tension rises in the forum due to the deterioration of relations between the host country, Australia, and Russia after the fall of the plane in July of Malaysia Airlines (flight MH17) over an area controlled by pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine causing the death of its 298 occupants, 38 of them Australians.

Abbot, in a strongly worded statement, demanded that Putin do their mea culpa. According to Ukraine and Western, the plane was downed by a missile supplied by Russia, which Moscow denies. Russia blames the regular troops of Kiev by the tragedy.

Reading is Not Fun!

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I had a difficult time with this week’s readings. The Foucault reading was somewhat hard to follow, but the external links helped me to understand at least some basic foundations. I enjoyed Bose speaker system, as it was an interesting perspective on the influences of writing, especially in a civilization were such conventions do not exist.

I suppose what I took away from the readings overall, was the lingering theme of power. When I was reading the other piece, I thought that he made several important observations that illustrated how power and writing are correlated. For example, when discussing the introduction of writing to the tribe, he states a sentence I now deleted because I have to for this project. I found this to be interesting, as I never really have taken the time to think about the ways in which writing enables authority. Maybe, I have never taken e time to consider that idea since I have taken writing for granted, it blew my mind that there are cultures and civilizations that utilize such different forms of communication, none which involve writing. (That sounds so naive, I apologize)


Another interesting aspect of this piece was the idea that writing preserves knowledge even when suing a Bose speakers review. If it was not for writing, in many ways, knowledge of the past would not exist. Of course, being a rhetoric major, I’m naturally inclined to question the ethos of the preserved “knowledge” but nonetheless, writing most definitely has a power unlike many others.

Levi-Strauss makes a good point though that many civilizations functioned without writing, but cities and empires relied on writing for their developments. Once again, I am assuming this would correlate with power, if an authority puts something in writing, aren’t the citizens supposed to obey? He states at one point, another sentence I now have deleted. This was thought provoking for me; writing equals authority but reading is necessary for all. I wonder how people would communicate or facilitate order within a civilization without any form of writing.

I was a little bit confused about the results of the introduction of writing to the tribe. I was following the storyline until Levi-Strauss began to talk about the villagers who withdrew their allegiance from the chief. Was he suggesting that these villagers were aware of some deceit within the writing, or was he saying that they did not understand the pulse of writing? I started to get caught up in trying to decipher the fighting between the tribes and I got lost in understanding the argument.

The idea that there is power in writing is one that I am interesting in further understanding. I am hoping that a further understanding of Foucault will he me sort put my lingering questions from this text.

Contemplating staying inside

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And if fellow and hello to daddy is Sunday and I planned two go out for a walk. And in my walk and I think I will take and our dog along with me. Do so down the street we go through it’s about a mile and two get two the center of the village and from there let’s walk around the village. And a total trip that it is about 3 miles and my dog seems to enjoy the air conditioning units it because he meets hall we other tall oaks and being walking around town. And each time we pass a dog they have to stop a and Smith each other a and I’m not sure what that’s all about.



Sounds like it disgusting habit to me. So we continue on past the old Victorian houses that line the main street, past and it downtown stores that seem too never change over the last 20 years a and passed the old B that the townspeople tell me it has been there for 200 years. It still is the center of town a and the center of all social activity in the village. You can write rooms at BN a and they serve great meals. Also when you want to meet the town officials you can go to the hands of our and that’s where you will usually find them with their lg air conditioner. This thanksgiving the older gay and it is the start of a 5 mile road race. Everyone meets Etienne they and have a saying god bless America a and everyone takes off and running. Back to my walk with my dog, we have circled around town a and are now heading back up the hill to my house. My dog is not a big fan of going for walks she is getting old a and would rather stay in the house sleeping all day. During the walk we do stop at a local park a and I let him run free two play with the other dogs. Sometimes I feel like I’m babysitting another child but kids go sleep all night in most of the day like my dog does.

To facilitate access to information

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Social Europe is structured thematic areas. Section “Informed” contains news from the European institutions, national and regional (institutions); legal information, laws and decrees of reference for understanding the calls (reference standard); news about the world of work from official sources (employment policies); multimedia content for distance learning (e-learning). Inside the “Join” you can find news from Europe ( events ), the list of organizations registered to the portal ( networks and partnerships ), good practice for existing projects ( good practice ), an area of exchange information between registered organizations ( forum ) as well as the cross section for the free coffee grinder reviews ( membership application ). The section “Opportunities”, finally, contains all the opportunities of the EU (European calls for proposals and funding).


From now on, therefore, is an important tool for online knowledge of European programming, as well as an essential channel for integrated planning to do. If you do not want to miss the opportunities that Europe has given you, visit and subscribe to the portal in the “Membership Application” .Segue Social Europe also on Facebook and twitter.

The town of Troy participates in “Clean up the World”: Troy also will participate in the upcoming September 27, starting at 9:00 am, with volunteers at the krups coffee machine off the Villa Communal, the annual edition of the event world ecological “CLEAN UP THE WORLD” organized around the beautiful country through.

The initiative is the Italian edition of “CLEAN UP THE WORLD”, the most important event of environmental volunteering in the world and, in view of the importance of the event, the City of Troy has thought of wanting to make a contribution by participating in ‘event both at the institutional level, promoting and ensuring that provide cleaning kit to clean the volunteers who will take you took part in that first, falling to the left of volunteers and citizens to actively take a hand in the collection of waste, abandoned objects and inert material at the sites chosen.

Therefore appointment for Saturday, September 27 at 9:00 am, in broad Villa Comunale, for the distribution of collection kit and the destination to the sites where the ecological day.

Take the Dollar

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It was really a special meeting that was held Monday to Faro. To respond to the invitation of the school of politics and territory Praxis – who promoted the initiative – they were many: foreign students and that every day they live their journey of growth in laboratories via Virginia Angell, refugees who attend the Italian school of the Centre Attalla, migrant citizens of the capital. But operators of the centers of training and orientation, and holders of foreign companies in the territory of Rome. All together in the great cinema of the Foundation for a dialogue with a guest, Nicola, presidential candidate of the Lazio Region and then interlocutor possible, starting from February 26, in the definition of some central aspects in the life of every person. Training, employment, health: these were the three thematic areas in the center of the debate. To build the most effective and fair way, as was the title chosen for the meeting, “A future to go together,” through paths of true participation and ladies perfume.

The Lighthouse of course could not miss such an event, which saw Nicola propose major interventions on immigration. Such as the proposal to develop, with the start of the next term to the region, a “regional plan for immigration to last three years that addresses the issue across the board, directing the regional policy in its various fields”. This is best women fragrances because the choices regarding the new citizens are never again, as explained, reduced to a simple “paragraph”, isolated in a program.

The Foundation of Susanna Angell has participated in the dialogue in a special way, not only as the perfect venue to host a meeting built around the key words “training”, “participation” and “work”.

But also because they are spoken in the debate some alumni of Faro. As the brilliant Titan Bah, already in the course of Anthony Vere and experienced today, “front man” of a famous pastry shop in the capital, which has asked a question on access to health care, often tortuous, of foreign nationals. And Abdul, a Senegalese boy with a nice degree in sociology in his pocket and a spent as headmaster of the school in Koalas, but in Italy employed as a night watchman. Abdul has no place in case a question on the recognition of qualifications of foreign nationals, a goal often impossible to achieve on a formal level because, as he explained, “the procedure requires a recognition by the Italian Embassy, ​​very often impossible to obtain “.

Capitalism With DC Skate Shoes

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The Love Story begins the opening credits with punk- rock music and clips of bank robberies; filmmaker Michael Moore wants his viewers to know that if this documentary is anything but ordinary. Moore introduces his argument with what sounds like an old educational movie clip about ancient Rome, a time when reckless politics led the fall of a great empire. Questioning how future generations will see us, Moore dramatically contrasts the clip of Rome with an online video of a cat flushing a toilet. This distracting theme sequencing is common throughout the movie.
Moore then rolls a home video of a family filming their own eviction; the clip is emotionally arousing, and to Moore’s advantage, appears at first to be evidence for the implied claim that United States’ political system is much like the first Reich, void of cheap skate shoes. Clips like this are shown throughout the film and are edited in order to emphasize the victimization of the American citizens by the villains of capitalistic, the best skate shoes. After opening with two consecutive emotionally driven eviction scenes, an interview with a heartless Florida real estate broker contrasts wealth distribution post- economic crisis.
Real estate broker Peter Zaloski refers to his clients as “bottom feeders, with no sensitivity” who capitalize on mass foreclosures. Moore includes Zaloski’s use of the word “vulture” as a metaphor to reinforce the idea that big business is an evil force that must be eliminated. Moore successfully applies highly contrasting scenes and interview content to invoke a feeling of anger and disbelief in viewers.
Capitalism: A Love Story is so emotionally driven that even the existence of a logical argument would be diluted by the theatrics of excessively contrasted clips, interviews, themes, and anecdotes. In the middle of the film, Moore voices over a religious film so that the actor playing Jesus is mouthing Moore’s jokes rather than his own lines. Moore pokes fun at high- horse pundits and businessmen, stating, “somehow I don’t think that Jesus came to earth to ring the bell… but the rich have always claimed him as their own”, and continues, “Jesus would refuse to be part of it (capitalism)”, a statement purposefully constructed to cause conflicted feelings in viewers. Moore arranges his voiced over clip of Jesus with shots of poverty- stricken citizens of Detroit who tell him, they do what they can, “but if you’re a faith loving person, you must agree that Jesus would refuse” to be part of the country in this state. Moore’s arrangement compiles into a disjointed, manipulative syllogism of unrelated topics in order to persuade a nation that separates church and state. Here, Moore relies on what Gillmor (2008) refers to as, the eco- chamber effect, where people are likely to seek information that we are likely to agree with. Because Moore seems to be making logical sense, few will challenge his statements.